TV Fun…

felix office

A few months ago I agreed to be part of a Danish TV program hosted by a really lovely guy named Felix Smith.

I only said YES to be part of this show for 2 reasons:  I really like his natural style in everything I have seen him do on Danish television and also I love the idea of this feel-good and inspiring program.

The concept is developed by Felix – the idea is to show and tell some stories about people who have started companies and gone from zero to something bigger over some years.  Felix moves in to your home and follows you around for a few days.

My kids watch a lot of really stupid reality shows – I am not sure why – but in general I do think there is so much bad TV around  and I have watched the other programs of ‘Felix moves in’,  and Felix chasing the way to success  with a lot of joy.  It is inspiring to hear other peoples stories on how they have started their businesses – and I hope that with our story and the story of Rice – we will also inspire some people to JUST DO………

The first 10 minutes of filming were a bit nerve-wracking but then I started to relax and actually completely forgot about the camera – it felt like I had just meet a new friend named Felix and we were hanging out – getting to know each other.

Next Tuesday September 17th is the big day! 8 or 10 hours of filming has been boiled down to 43 minutes………the program will be shown on Danish TV2 channel at 8pm.

Behind the scenes we had a lot of fun – Rikke our sales rep for Denmark is a big Felix fan……. so she had her picture taken officially for her children ;)

Felix og Rikke

The following day Birgitte our in-house stylist, Joelle our dutch designer and I went of for a work meeting for a few days on a small island south of where we live.  Rikke was very envious that she was not invited on this trip…..

We started the morning sending this photo to Rikke -

felix og B

Then a few hours later this one… with only Birgittes one nail on Felix neck….

felix i bil

Just before saying goodbye… I asked Felix – would you mind jumping into bed with Birgitte….  in a split second he took off his shirt  and jumped into bed  - look at this fabulous shot…….


felix og B in bed

Still smiling at the memory…..

ohhh – and by the way… a few days later Rikke photoshopped a picture of her and Birgittes husband in return………

Rikke og Pølsen