Dear all….

I am back on the blog – not sure why I have fallen completely off the earth in this regard. But I did have a feeling that nobody was really reading me and then during some recent travel I have met lots of lovely people asking me why I stopped blogging…….

I have been having fun on Instagram – I like the quick spontaneous pictures with just a few words… and the very fast response and sharing that comes with it. If you feel like it it you can follow me under Charlotte_rice

Here are some of my Summer shots  from Denmark in the past few months….

2100813 collage


We have been blessed with some pretty amazing weather in July this year. We go through many, many months of cold and grey, where many of us seriously contemplate the idea of moving south…FAR south! And then suddenly the magic begins….spring is in the air and forgive and forget every cold, grey and rainy day and just fall in love all over again, with our country.

This is really pure magic and a great lesson in forgiveness as well….

Enjoy some lovely summer shots and see you around very soon

210813 sky

210813 brøndum

I am still very much interested in and looking for posts from friends, readers etc. Anything that you think is part of everyday magic moments for you is worth sharing. We do have most of the everyday days… may as well share the magic and inspire each other.


Warm smiles