Magic summer cake

I am happy to introduce todays guest blogger – Michelle Kristensen. We met last year – we share common love for food. color – fun and sports…… She has a Facebook page called SHUT UP and EXCERCISE…. I love it… as I have been so full of great excuses for many years….  and now I mostly try to shut up and just do it…. Enjoy her version of everyday magic. I need to make that watermelon cake for sure……xoxo Charlotte

Magic summer cake

My name is Michelle and I live in Copenhagen. In my everyday I work with health – how people can train smarter and make healthy food delicious and tasteful, so we all are able to jump, dance and live a happy life when we turn 80 years old.

2 1/2 years ago I decided to start my own company and now I’m doing health lectures for companies, have published my first book (and the second is right now in the making), I make training dvds, write for magazines, develope health recipes and do city bootcamps around Denmark.
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What keeps me going is the happiness I see in people, when they feel what training and healthy food does for their body and mind. I like colorful food, which comes from the nature and gives your body a kick in the ass because of all the nutrients in it. Food should make you happy – not tired or sad – it should make you feel alive and make you the best version of yourself.

I my everyday I work with a lot of people, especially women, who get together on a body bootcamp. They all want to be inspired and get motivation to change their body and mind – both mental and physical. Every time I have had those women on a 9 week camp, I see something powerful in the eyes of every single woman – the power of MAGIC! They have fed their body with colorful – and real food, been training in the nature and then 9 weeks later they are a new version of themselves – a magic version filled power and self-confidence.

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To make a body transformation, every day needs to be happy, not boring! Happy for me is among other things related with colorful and lovely food – not boring steamed broccoli with a fried chicken breast – but healthy food with a lot of veggies and fruits, which is prepared in a funny and tasteful way. A healthy lifestyle is not about counting calories but about preparing healthy and delicious food. And then you can always spice up the color with the lovely RICE collections if you need more power on your plate J.

I love sweet things – they make me happy. Luckily you can make sweet healthy things and I’ll give you a recipe on a magic cake – every bite is filled with good nutrients for your body. You body will love it – so will your mouth and I hope you can see the same magic thing as I can, when you are preparing and tasting the cake – that real colorful food is everyday magic! You can transform your body to become the most magic edition of yourself. LET THE MAGIC BEGIN TODAY!



Serves: 8


½ watermelon (seedless)

1/3 cup pistachio nuts (unsalted)

80 g 70% dark chocolate

200 g mascarpone

200 g skyr (or greek yoghurt if you don’t have skyr in your country)

½ tsp stevia (or 1 spsk akacie honey)

½ tsp vanilla powder

Garnish: edible flowers and pineapple cherries

Peal the watermelon, and take a towel or paper and wipe the watermelon on the surface. Then mix together mascarpone, skyr, stevia and vanilla and put it on the cake, so the watermelon is all covered. Cut the pistachio nuts and chocolate in small pieces and sprinkle it on the cake. Garnish the cake as you wish. Voilá – magic bites ready to eat.




Enjoy and bon appetit

Michelle J