Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it…….


Lovely words by Roald Dahl – and now on a notebook in our Automn Winter collection.

I do believe in magic – and I feel that I find it all around me on a regular basis. Of course I sometimes fall out of tune and forget to believe…

trust Last year has been really hectic on so many levels for me – and I have tried to hang onto trusting myself – trusting the future – and also believing in magic. I have had some really wonderful people come into my life – and I have also lost some really wonderful people that I thought I would never loose.

A few years ago I decided that each year I would go away, 1 week by myself, to do a course of some sort. First year I did a detox in Venice – it was nice but not much FUN….. Then my good friend Fiona mentioned a place called ‘The Hill that Breathes’ in Italy – they do a course called ‘F**k it!’

It is a lot about breathing and energy work, and it was such a mind-blowing fabulous week. It was a lot of fun and laughter as well. When I came back I felt so strong, bubbly and happy.  I met some wonderful people from all over the world and we still stay in touch and visit each other.


On Sunday I am off again – this time to the little volcanic island of Stromboli – doing a course run by Gaia from  www.thef**  the title is ‘MAGIC TRUST’….. How funny is that – I am looking forward to the mix of trust and magic and the energy of a volcanic island.  My focus will be to enjoy every minute of the week and hopefully I will come back full of energy and ideas for new magic moments.