Take a good look!

eye110 days ago I had a small operation on my eyelids – they had become very heavy, and it had been bothering me for quite some time…

Finally I made up my mind and booked the appointment. I was really busy up until 30 minutes before the surgery and I really did not take much time to think or worry about it. I have many friends who have had this done – and none of them made a great fuss about it.

The last 30 minutes before the surgery, I managed to get myself in high alert state…  suddenly worrying deeply about my sight . My vision and my ability to see things is my core strength and also my business. I tried to breathe all the best I know and stay calm – but I was really really hot, sweaty and worried.

45 minutes later it was all over – and everything went perfectly well – I will not compare it to childbirth, but it was definetly not 45 minutes of fun either!

I have had lots of different, but necessary operations done over the years – I could talk for days and nights telling the story of my scars (I promise I won’t) – but this is the first time I have “SELF INFLICTED” surgery..

Staying home for a few days gave me lots of time to think…  and actually also time to make me realize, that even if I sometimes dream of being  a stay home mum – it is a great thing it never happened.

It is strange that you suddenly start thinking a lot about your senses and how connected we are to them – that moment I thought to myself, I’d rather loose my hearing than my vision…. but  in fact it also really made me appreciate that I do not have to choose.

I’m so happy about my little “intervention” and I really feel I can see everything much more clearly now.

All this mostly to say – appreciate all your senses…. See, listen, smell, taste,  touch… it’s the wonders of true everyday magic moments…

eyes 3

I had to stay some days at home and after 5 days I was so restless –  saying to my husband; I am bored, our lives are boring… I need adventure, new horizons! Let’s move to LA – let’s do this, let’s do that……

Our kids are never home – they are these great little perfect social happy outgoing beings, that don’t really worry about their Mother being bored…..

eyes 6

Luckily I was soon free of my stitches and went to Munich for the launch of my book – and now I am back to being happy – I can SEE clearly that my life is not boring at all……..

senses 7


More on Munich tomorrow