Heeeeeelp there’s a rhino in my living room….

rhinolampI have a thing for rhinos – I guess it has been going on for a while…. For my 30th birthday all I really wanted was this large papermache rhino lamp – and YYEEESSS I got it… that is now 17 years ago.


Last week in South Africa I met David  whose Father used to be a wildlife vet in Rhodesia/Zimbabve – they actually had a real live rhino named Rupert in their home. Ruperts Mother died and the family took care of him until he was big enough to be send back into the wild.  - Rupert actually thought he was a dog.  Check out the cool pictures of Rupert and also the small movie here.

rupert 2rhupert

I love this story – if you google ‘Rupert the rhino’ you will find lots of cute stories about him. That must be what can be classified as a true moment of very exotic everyday magic…..


This morning I took a quick look around my home and office – and I realized that rhinos are everywhere….

if you have any great ideas for new rhino products for us please share…..I am always open………