Elephant kissing and fortune telling…

travelWhen I was 12 I was in Australia visiting my Uncle who is married to a lovely Lebanese woman. This was actually my very first trip abroad.

We went to visit some of my aunts family and her old aunties were doing “readings” in coffee cups.

I had my reading done – and the lady said – you will be travelling a lot…….

When I travel, I often think about this moment – recently I have done quite a lot of it…both thinking and travelling..

10 days ago I was in South Africa and in Madagascar.

In South Africa I visited a beautful familiy that I met 2 years ago in Italy – they took me to see an elephant conservatory and I got a big wet sloppy kiss from an elephant…  I was very much out of my comfort zone… even just touching this big incredible animal felt a little scary


but my friend just took my hand and said … YES you will do it.

It was pure magic…   I had an amazing time both with the lovely Condy family and feeling the inspirational vibe of this city and country so very different to my little Denmark.


We went to an fabulous market in Johannesburg called The Neighbour Goods Market -  it happens every Saturday from 9 to 16 – where the organizers have rented 2 floors in a parking lot and transforms it into a scumptious food market… so simple and amazing ! Pure everyday magic moment.  If I had the time I would love to organize something like this in my town…The concept is lots of different stalls with beautiful homemade food and drinks,  you can buy from every stall and just sit at long tables eat – drink and do some people watching…

foto5One of my favorite products was the “R.I.P Diet” chocolate cake……

After a few days I was off to Madagascar – to the beautiful red island…. more on this tomorrow

Warm regards