Everyday Sporty…

This years Christmas present to everyone working at Rice Denmark, was Morten -my personal trainer. Some of you already know that I started working with him more than a year ago.

foto Morten




Morten Tillitz

When I love  something I like to share it with the entire world….make everyone see how fantastic it is. For me personal training has been the best investment I have ever made in myself. There are many things I will save money on – but training is not one of them.

At Rice we love cake, bread, cheese, butter, cake, sweets…..and more cake…… many of us a little bit too much!

After New Year we decided to shape up a bit – so now we all do sports once a week with Morten at rice… during work hours… so no bad excuses really…

We have ordered fruit so everyone can eat fruit everyday – we started doing smoothie thursday – and every monday lovely Ann Charlotte makes us a nice healthy lunch.







tapas monday



Tapas Monday


We still love cake and all the rest and some days we CRAVE it – but we have become much better at bringing in healthy snacks – cottage cheese, bell pepper, wholewheat crackers…..and so on…

Back to the training – we have all subscribed for different courses – Boxing (click on the link for a small movie), core training or running – it is fun… in the beginning you could hear everyone complaining about muscle pain here and there – laughing and having a good time.  We are going to evaluate in a few weeks to find out if we shall keep going or not – I hope we will continue.





Core and running class having a blast!

Everyday magic is now on the sporty menu as well….  At home I have a few large gym balls lying around – take a look at my daughter Selma – multitasking …. balance and core training plus texting at the same time.. not bad…

Relaxed fitness




Selma doing her thing(s)