All you need is LOVE

Text by Monique Redlin

Working at RICE I consider every work day as some sort of party. Did I mention that our office floor is pink? As a PR girl I am lucky enough to have some cool invitations to parties and openings on my desk once in a while. The one that I received two weeks ago was special though…very special.


I got invited to a book party from Steffi Luxat, author of one of my favorite blogs As a matter of fact her blog was the first blog I ever read and I am a fan of hers from the infancy of her blogposts. Attending the party for the release of her guide to the perfect wedding: “Einfach Heiraten: das Hochzeitsbuch.” felt like visiting a friend who is proud to present her new baby. The location was the amazing Maison Mariée in Hamburg ( a wonderful place where you have the feeling of “tying a knot” all year. Steffi took all the inspiration from her book and put it into decoration and entertainment. Entering the room was like diving into a pool of creativity and pleasure. Nothing to be missed. It was hard to decide where to start. I chose to indulge my sweet tooth at the candy bar first. What a feast!!!




I crafted and did not envy Steffi’s husband who had cut out 200 mustaches by hand the night before the party. I enjoyed the music, the food, the people… It felt as if I was thrown back to the 29th of July 2011 when Steffi turned from “bride to be” to “princess for a day”. For months we, her blog readers, have been counting down the days to the wedding with her. And even though we were not physically present, we felt as if we were there: the planning (what is the perfect dress), the crafting (All you need is love as a photo frame) and the hoping (is the groom going to be healthy enough – he had a bad flue – to say yes). The end was a happy one and it feels only natural that Steffi combined all of her amazing ideas into the book

booth big 2

Flipping through the book I felt like getting started with the planning for a huge and creative wedding myself. My husband (I have actually been there already) got suspicious so I changed the topic from wedding organization to a “celebrating just because” party. The book will inspire you no matter if you are up to tying a knot soon or simply to celebrating the everyday magic moments.


Enjoy! (for the photbooth) (for the party pics)