New Year – New Dreams


With the change of year I always become sentimental and at the same time very hopeful – looking back – looking forward…

A time for status – a time to focus on new dreams and goals.

We have had the best time over Christmas – my Australian cousin and his family visited and one of my other cousins, who lives in London, also moved in for a few days. Laughing – dancing – partying….. lots of great moments to look back upon…


Now it’s back to work – the party is over and EVERYDAY MAGIC is the new focus.

Last year I spent most of my Summer writing a book for English editor Jacqui Small Publishing – I have written a few cookbooks before – in Danish only.  I love cooking and I love writing!

This new book is called ‘Happy Home – Everyday Magic for a colorful life’ It’s about how to live with colors and how to live with RICE – it’s very exciting and we have put a lot of thoughts and love into the project. I am looking forward to the launch in March.


The image shows a prototype of the book cover

It is written in English – and so far  it has been translated into Danish, French and German and there is an American version too. Hopefully more languages will be added to the list as we go.

You will definitely be hearing much more about it in the months to come…..

My dreams and focus points for 2013 are:

Laughter, playfulness, fun, dancing, boxing – mindful moments and Everyday Magic

What are yours ???