Champagne Cup Cakes

Monique 1

My name is Monique. I am part of one of the coolest RICE Sales Teams…GERMANY. Usually I am in charge of Sales and PR and not only for that matter a huge fan of blogs, pinterest, Instagram…you name it. Over my work for RICE I met a very nice girl named Clara. I am a daily addict to her lovely blog . She invited me to be part of her blog. I felt as if somebody offered me a small part in my favorite soap on TV. Exciting!

Monique 2

We decided to bake together. I told Clara about the easiest recipe (ever) for a dough that I am always using baking cupcakes and cake. My mom wrote it down 30 years ago and I inherited her recipe book. The dough is made with fizzy water and we were thinking it would be less kids party and more us to replace water with champagne. One rainy Saturday in December Clara, her friend Nicole host of the lovely blog: and I met up in the RICE Showroom and mixed and mixed and…. et voilá. We had a blast and way to much champagne. The session was mentioned in two HAPPY NEW YEAR blogs. One of my everyday magic moments in 2012!



For 12 normal size cup cakes.

Here u go:

4 eggs

2 cups of sugar

1 cup of oil

3 cups of flour

1 pckg. (should be approx. 2 tbs.) of baking soda

In the end pour …

1 cups of fizzy water or champagne

Mix the dry ingredients first, add the eggs, add the oil…add the water/ champagne. You can add all kinds of fruit, candy or whatever you like to the dough now. Bake until there is no dough sticking to the wooden pick.

All the best,