A refreshing dive!

text by Joëlle Wehkamp

In the Netherlands we have a tradition on new years day to jump into the ice cold sea. It’s a big happening! On different spots along the dutch coast people are running into the sea to start the year clean and fresh. Since January first 2012 I see it as a personal tradition too! I felt so good and sparkling after my first NY dip! Just with the two of us on an empty beach, excited and a bit scared! A mix of laughter and adrenaline through my body. Once you are standing in your colourful bikini on the beach it isn”t that cold at all. And when you go for it, it just gives you such an energy boost! Every cell in your body is twinkeling, screaming, laughing and excited at the same moment. Just a perfect start of a new year! Actually, you can do it when ever you want and feel like it. Like Charlotte and I did last year. Just in between meetings a lovely cold dip! You should try it too, it feels so good!!