A lovely evening in a Pop-up Restaurant

Last night I attended a really great event….  Our photographer from SKOVDAL & SKOVDAL  organized a pop-up restaurant in their studio.I am in love with the idea of things, concepts dinners parties, shops - anything that happens spontaneously – that pops-up out of the blue…….


Last night was fun - lovely French lady Caroline Penhoat had made a beautiful dinner, using mainly local produce. We at Rice provided the plates, crockery and everything else for the table settings.




The seats were sold out in 2 hours and we all had a fantastic, relaxed and cozy time – we sat at a table mixed with friends and a few people we had never met before.


IMG_4942Personally I become a lot more open and carefree, when dragged out of my comfort zone and usual way of doing things.

 True Everyday Magic……

Hopefully we will participate in a lot more events like this and take part in other exciting initiatives as well. If you organize one, I am happy to lend you a box of Rice stuff to serve the food and decorate the room with…. and of course I’ll come and join the fun…..