Inspiring days

Last week I spend 4 days in Amsterdam with Birgitte our in house stylist – visiting Joëlle on of our lovely freelance designers.

4 days of sweet magic – the only drug was being together and talking about our upcoming Spring Summer 14 collection.

We had some really fun days meeting with lovely inspiring people.  In times like these I truly understand WHY I love my job.

The things we make are of course on the superficial side of life – but somehow they just make a lot of sense anyway – making everyday life happier and more colorful….

Flowers kept following us – there seems to be a “trend” of bouquets with just a few flowers and only one of each flower just in a big vase- no greens at all – so that each flower gets to shine in all its glory….   In my house I have now made some really nice bouquets….  one of each Christmas flower looking happy in my vases…. Usually these kind of bouquets with lots of different flowers is something I love about summer and wild flowers –  and something I avoid during winter…

Everyday Magic can be found everywhere – looking for Summer ideas in a Cristmas Decorated city was not a problem at all.

Enjoy the last week before Christmas everyone

Big Love