Candles, trees, branches… you name it… we’ve got it…

Last week I took a day off to decorate our house and garden for Christmas.

Selma – my 12 year old daughter, loves this tradition just as much as I do.

Every year, once we finish, she always feels we have not decorated enough, but rest assured…she is WRONG.. even our guest bathroom have decorations.

Candles, trees, branches.. you name it…  we’ve got it…

It is the only time of year where I enjoy plastering my home with things that are purely decorative…  the rest of the year my mantra is function…. But letting loose in December is very liberating. Alas….come Boxing day I urge to pull it all down and go back to a more simple life again.

This year it was so amazing that we actually had snow on December 1st!

We made a big bonfire in the garden – invited friends over to sit and enjoy the fire and make bread on a stick.

A true everyday magic moment…

What are your traditions in December? Baking… decorating… – share and inspire please…..