Working from home…

Woke up this morning and thought – no I am just too tired to go to work….

Not sure why – it feels like somebody has turned on a “tired button” inside me over the weekend. I actually did very little this weekend – just relaxed – went for long walks, went to the cinema… had no alcohol….got lots of sleep….   But I guess I am paying the price for all the travelling over the last few months.

This is one of the perks of having your own company – the flexibility. Probably the one perk I appreciate the most.

Started the morning with sports together with my coach – we are working on getting me running and that is one big project….  hopefully we will get there soon! I am not trying to become a marathon woman – I would just love to be able to run 5 km from time to time.  And when I have done 2 km for the first time – I will invite him to my favorite sushi restaurant in town… (how to motivate your coach).

A nice fire is burning in our woodstove – I have made some apple compote and now I am sitting in one of my favorite spots in the house – and guess what – I AM WORKING….funny how it goes sometimes. I had a long list of “to-do’s” and by now I have almost ticked everything off.

Only missing sorting out my travel expenses – from last weeks 24 hours of fun in London – and I need to write a review of John C Parkins latest book called  “f**k it therapy”. I have recieved the book as a gift and promised to write a review for Amazon.

There is a section in this book where my friend Lydia Plankensteiner talks about how she said f**k it to dieting and started to lose weight.  I have been twice to the fabulous “f**k it” courses in Italy and I just love it. Take a look at  and see what they offer – it is an amazing journey and true fun experience.  I am also fighting with my weight and even if I am doing lots of sports – nothing much seem to be happening…except  that I feel great and light and happy – so perhaps I will decide just like Lydia to put a big f**k it sign on my scales…….

The pictures are from my messy desk and the lovely woodstove…

Have a great week – for me it has been the perfect everyday magic start…