To all my sisters….. real and chosen !!!

Do you know the feeling…. you have some friends male or female, where you feel the same closeness and bond as you do with your own siblings.

Recently my cousin posted a picture of her and her childhood friend – with the words THE SISTER I CHOSE –  I know she also loves the sister she did not choose,  but I really relish the thought of the sisterhood you handpick throughout life.

Friendship is a big thing for me – perhaps a bit too big – I am very nostalgic about them,  and I have a hard time accepting that some friendships are just not meant to last forever.

Today is a lovely day for me – one of my friends from primary school is coming to visit. All the years I lived in Paris I always spend time with her whenever I was in Denmark. The very same week we moved to Denmark and our sleepy town of Odense – she moved to Copenhagen…….  What are the odds! Since then we have spent 14 years of bad timing…. but we still stay best of friends even if we have spent way too little time together….

We have joked about how we will meet up at the old folks home… but hopefully our timing will become better before we reach that point in life. Today we will hang out and do all the stuff we used to do together….. eat, talk, go to the movies, visit our parents in the cemetery – and as an extra twist we will do sports together tomorrow morning.

Everyday Magic right there….