Bright purple clouds everywhere

Text by Joëlle Wehkamp

Holidays, something I can’t get enough off… I feel soooo relaxed, refreshed, inspired, free, happy, energetic and enthusiastic when I am on a holiday. And I think the best part of it is to discover new things I have never seen before. I always try to live the days as they go. Which means I don’t make any plans for the trip. It gives a lot of space for impulsivity and the famous everyday magic. Because when you plan everything you know what will come and what to expect.  This time we, my lovely hub and I, traveled from Johannesburg to Botswana. And immediately there was this huge surprise!! JB and the rest of northern South Africa was decorated with lot’s of purple blossom trees: Chagaranda trees. I couldn’t believe it, big purple clouds everywhere and a sweet perfume welcoming us. I had no idea that this tree was on it’s best at the end of October, so I didn’t expect to see them. I felt so lucky with this magical gift.