Autumn Sparkles

So happy to introduce Mme Charlotte – a dutch lady that I have not yet met – but I just know we would get along…  Looovvvee internet – and all social media – how did we survive before ???

I discovered her webshop in 2010 – and bought lots of little quirky items for presents. I love her style and the look of the site… Hope you will enjoy it too and find some Friday everyday magic sparcle..

Hello, My name is Charlotte AKA Madame Charlotte. I love food, writing about it, writing recipes, create food (concepts) ,decorate, throw parties, do customized catering and owner of the nicest culinary webshop EVER: Madame Charlotte.

Located in Amsterdam, mother of 2 beautiful girls.

And finally created my perfect job.

I try to find little treasures wherever I go, a beautiful flower, a kitchen tool that by the use has grown into a perfect history by itself. Or just something that makes me smile. Everyday happiness is what I seek. Stand still and enjoy it.

Autumn Sparkles

Unfortunately life isn’t always pretty.

But when ugliness is about to take over there are always sparkles to be found.

Throw a handful anywhere and all you need is a little light to make some much needed magic happen.

My sparkles this week where natures autumn collors.

Driving through the woods back & forth for work this week. They made me smile..
In pre-school we used to make autumn tables. You could bring your prettiest fall leaf & chestnuts and we would put them on display.
I think I’ll make one at home with the girls this year. To sparkle things up if neccesary.

Off to the woods this fall break.

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