A strong mind – starts with a fit body…

I love this quote… just saw it on the signs of a big gym in Bangkok.

A strong mind starts with a fit body

- I have to read it again and say it out loud to myself a few times. I love it – it’s so true.

On many points I see myself as someone with a strong mind – but I know for sure it has been a while since I had a fit body.

I am on a mission – to go from fat to fit – and to stay strong. I have been actively working towards this goal with my trainer for the last year.  Thank God I have met him! Otherwise I would still just be contemplating the idea of a fit body…just not strong enough to get fit on my own I guess. Getting fat, on the other hand, I managed all by myself…slowly but surely..

This year has been rather eventful and I have really felt that my fit body has kept my mind strong. Without my boxing and my sports I think I would have sunk into a very, very bad place.  This fabulous slogan goes both ways, who knows what comes first. But I know that they hold hands and form a great marriage – the strong mind and the fit body – as well at the fit mind and the strong body.

Had anyone told me that my boxing gloves would become my most precious possesion just 12 months ago – I would have laughed out very loudly..  But I do love them! I always feel so strong and happy after boxing – it is my drug.

I would love to have  Michelle Obamas arms,  Jennifer Anistons stomach – Gwynteh Paltrows legs (oh yes and why not grab her husband too)…. I guess it won’t be happening – but f**k it – I smile a lot, I feel strong and that is enough to keep me going on the sporty path.

What keeps your mind strong ???