Living the colorful dream

Todays blogger is the lovely Kristina who is our sales rep in Sweden – we always love it when she visits rice in Odense – she has this bubbly sweet aura about her, and the customers she brings along are always really sweet positive and  enthusiastic people. Following her on facebook always puts a smile on my face. Look for tuffakristinajensen.




I remember a day that I had many years back that really was a happy turning point.

It was a concert that woke the power of happiness in me.

I felt bubbly inside and I could feel the joy. Music wakes that feeling for me.

Every time I put it on it gives me a rush inside of joy, crazy happiness and I feel free.

A secret dream of mine was to become a world famous singer and dancer. (To tell U the truth, I’m the worst singer and have no idea how to dance)

How could I possible know that I a few years later, again,  would have turned my own world around?

Lucky me :)

This time the turning point was my new job. I love my job, my life .I work as an sales representive in Sweden. I do a lot of travelling to different cities.  Every time I start my car in in the morning for a long drive far away from home I put some music on and boom. That rushing feeling of happiness I experienced during the concert  and the joy of what I do fills me.

Or when I stand on a fair and meet all the lovely people who love the same things I do and I feel I can Inspire and give them the joy of the colorful world I work in. Cos I truly love what I do and want to share it. My job is a big part of my life and im blessed by doing something that I truly want to do.

I don’t think we should keep our joy, passion and love to ourselves, spread the color, love and joy too everyone around U. It´s magic, things will happened. I truly believe anyone can succeed if we start by choosing Happiness, Love and positive thinking.

And dare to share it  :)

I love being around my colleges and all lovely people I meet in my work every day. Feels like I am a famous singer and dancer every day with the everyday magic of Rice.

Love and kisses K