Everyday Robbie Magic

I have a thing for Robbie Williams…

Some days are better than others… I am sure you know that feeling.. you wake up – and you feel that there is an overload of problems on your plate….  I had one of those days today.
I always keep my eyes and heart open for a way out of the dark patches.. and just now…. I was saved by Robbie…   it doesn’t take much to get me back on track.
Several of my Facebook friends have posted a link to  his latest clip CANDY

He is wearing a pink suit and green sneakers…  I repeat pink suit and green sneakers…… – don’t even need to hear the song before I smile – just my kind of guy…..   Living colorfully……

I loooovvveee the DVD concert where he sings in Royal Albert Hall…  the energy, the charm and the charisma – woohhooo  - When my children were very little they were so nervous about me running off with Robbie….    I am still around – and now we are laughing about their long forgotten worry….
Who would you run away with if they came knocking on your door ?????