Embroidered Magic

Today’s post is written by Stine RC.

About Stine:
Author, blogger, speaker and workshop leader. Creative passionista.

Stine also works with visual concept of shops and boutiques, and design and styling of homes, and is the author of a workbook on decorating and styling shops: www.dekoworkbook.dk

‘My particular passion for creativity, do-it-yourself and hobby work, derived largely from my original, creative education (as as a visual merchandiser & homestylist) and my interest in EVERYTHING about housing and needlework. I so much do-it-yourself fan, and I’m always working several DIY projects – subsequently my home sometime looks more like a DIY lab than a real home’.

My days are hectic. Hysterical, sometimes. I have tons of things to do and as a one-woman-business owner, well….. there’s just me to do them. But that’s ok – I truly love what I do!

However, my brain do need a break every now and then. And when it does, I have a lovely way to get all the busy thoughts out of my body that I’d love to share with you – because it works like (everyday) MAGIC for me.

It’s Embroidery….

Yes, really!

It’s fun and cool.

And it nurses my creativity and makes me smile, as I create letters, birds and sugar skulls, stitch by stitch. The mere sight of the colorful threads brings joy into my mind – and I love playing with the colors, different fabrics and unusual combinations. I love how I can dwell on a project and forget everything around me.

I make little presents such as pillowcases or notebook covers with my embroideries. And the receiver of my gifts thinks that they’re magic too. I love that. Magic when I make them and magic when I give them.

Double magic.