When I’m happy I cook…

Cooking is my thing – when I’m happy I cook…

Going to the market in France or Italy  is the best date I can be taken on – I just love love love it.

Every fruit, fish and vegetable is calling my name – all wanting to come home and play – at least that is how I feel. When we lived in Paris – I would often end up with way too much food and had to invite friends and more friends to help eat everything.

Simple honest food with a funky twist is my joy – I am not so fond of foam and a bits of this stacked on top of that – and when you put your fork into it it all falls apart…

I have written 2 cookbooks with my friend Chef Carsten Kyster - Funky is our word. We always search for ideas that make everybody happy around the table – young, old, men and women… We want to inspire people to invite friends over for informal dinners – even on a Monday night. Make a little plan with a few of your favorite friends to meet, eat and bugger off…  at “tour de role” you go  to each others house. Most of our recipes are just as easy to make for 2 people as for 10.

Todays everyday magic recipe is Funky Carbonara with Kale.  Try it out and let me know what you think….


600 g kale

100 g bacon

2 cloves of garlic in thin slices

1 tspn chili flakes

2 dl cream

400 g fresh parpadelle

4 eggs for frying

50 g grated parmesan cheese

salt and freshly ground pepper

Clean the kale thoroughly – boil it for 2 minutes in slightly salted water. Drain and cool the kale down in cold water. Squeeze out the excess water from the kale and chop it coarsely. Cut the bacon in bite size pieces, fry it in a hot pan and remove from the heat. Fry garlic and chili in the pan with the remaining bacon fat, add kale, cream – salt and pepper. Boil the parpadelle according to the instructions on the package. Mix the pasta with the kale and the bacon. Serve in 4 plates. Fry the 4 eggs – and place 1 on each pasta plate with grated parmesan cheese and extra pepper.