Unforgettable Kisses

Last week I went to meet up with friends in a small harbour in the south of Funen – the island where I live. It was a rare and beautiful summer evening – my friends had arrived by boat and we all had a picnic dinner in the sunset. The Harbour Master was an elderly gentleman who looked like he was pulled straight out of Postman Pat, he was in total control of his little harbour.  When the sun set he started to take down the flag – and I asked if I could take a picture of him – he then asked in return if I could help him fold the flag, and I of course volunteered.

Again he was being very directive – hold here, fold there, not like that etc. and at the end he asked me to hold my end of the flag tightly while he rolled up the last part. This involved him getting closer and closer to me and then SMACK DAB – he gave me a big kiss…….

It was such a surprise – and so funny… he just said – you have no idea how many girls I have tricked like that.