Twist and shake your daily pattern

by Joëlle

Last week I was back in Odense to work on the new Rice winter collection! Always GREAT fun. We did some good work together, had sparkling brainstorms and talks. And after the hard work there’s always time to celebrate life as well. And that, is something Charlotte and Philippe could actually win a golden medal for! They know exactly how to give your day a magical feeling! It’s all about fun, love, originality and the f**k it mentality. One evening, after a beautiful dinner, we watched a movie. But not just a movie on a couch in an ordinary room. No, we watched the movie outside! Under a clear dark blue sky full of stars with lot’s of blankets, candy and tea. I find this very very very inspiring. Because you can do your things as you are used to do it. And that’s fine. But you’ll know what to expect and that can a little bit boring too. So if you try to twist and shake your daily pattern every now and then it will definitely give you a fresh and happy feeling! The unexpected gives me so much energy and life ‘twinkles’. So grab that old video projector and invite your best friends to come and see a nice movie in your own outdoor movie theater. And do let us know how it was, we love to hear nice inspiring stories.