Roadtrip – take me away on a roadtrip… NOW PLEASE…..

My wedding ring on wheels

When we got married – 19 years ago – I really did not feel like a ring – but I much rather wanted this camper van that used to belong to an old friend of my father in law – ROGER and his lovely wife JULIETTE.

On my very first trip to France when I had just met Philippe – we are talking in 1984, and I was just 18….. we went camping in a field on the west coast of France. Philippes Father owned a piece of land near the sea with just a water pump  as the only luxury.  Every summer Philippe his brother and his Father would invite friends and everyone would camp together.

Roger and Juliette were there with their Citroen Van – Roger had used the van in Bourgogne in his wine fields and then later transformed it into this amazing camper – with room to travel with 120 bottles of wine…. just enough for a holiday ;)  Juliette had her big stove from home inside the van – and every night she would cook up a storm – and everyone in the field was invited for aperitif and  what she called snacks… To me it was a complete delicious meal every time.

It was fantastic – the meeting of several generations – the fun the laughter and the simplicity of it all.  I fell in love with my husband that summer and also with France and the loving welcoming atmosphere in the camp field. I was meant to stay one week in France, but I kept calling my parents to say –  might stay a few more days… 3 1/2  weeks later they saw me again….

Some years later when we were getting married  Roger had problems with his knees and could no longer drive the van – and I heard that he was going to sell it – I immediately said to Philippe – please I would much rather have this van than a ring. At first he was rather skeptical – we did live in Paris in a very small apartment 5 times the size of the van, but luckily he gave in……

Some of my best holiday memories are from traveling with this camper – in France at the time.  Having your home and your lovely things with you and then driving from adventure to adventure is such a rush of happiness and freedom.

This summer we have used it as a little guesthouse, since we are waiting for some spare parts to be able to put the old lady back on the road. – Joelle was just staying there last week and she took some lovely pictures inside it.

When looking at these pictures I realized that I really feel like going on a road-trip – just AWAY AWAY AWAY –  I made a board on Pinterest that you can take a look at – and if you have any nice pictures or road-trip memories – please share them.

Happy week to all