Let’s dance the night away!

Text by Joëlle

My voice is gone, I am feeling tired but at the same time my body is full of smileys and new refreshing energy! Sounds a little strange right? Well, last weekend I went to a big festival in the Netherlands; Lowlands. Lowlands is all about good music, dancing, happiness, smiling, beautiful people and being yourself. And I danced, danced and danced all day and night looooong. Ah, it’s something I would like to do more often. It gives me such a GREAT feeling and a never ending smile on my face.  Dancing makes me stop thinking about my to do list. It’s just about finding the right shakes and moves on the beats, love it. I find it actually quite funny that some beats, a voice and a song make me dance :) Anyway, I hope this little post inspired you to go dance with some friends soon too. There is weekend coming up, so don’t waist any time, make some plans to go to your favourite spot in town. And shake your hips. For sure you’ll feel the magic too!