Invest in you…

This Saturday was a big magic moment for me – not everyday magic - but just pure magic..

I did a 3 hour Marathon Spinning Class!!

Usually I never brag and I am really not a sucker for compliments  -  I am just telling you this, as I hope I can inspire at least a few people to invest in themselves.

The first time I did a spinning session was  6 months ago –  at the time I was really proud to be able to stay for 20 minutes. That was my goal for the session and I hated every minute and really struggled to hang in.

At the age of 46 – I discover that I am actually able to push my limits in regards to my physical boundaries.

Again I have to say I did not take this journey all by myself at all.  I have managed only because I have been working with Morten my personal trainer – he has pushed me gently and sometimes not so gently along,  and helped me progress without me even realizing it.

My husband loves cars and boats and big cigars – and he happily spends on his chosen ‘toys’.

I have decided that I love personal training….   I am investing in ME and I know it will be worth it in the long run… surely it is the best ‘be happy’ drug I can think of.

My goal on Saturday was to participate in half of the marathon class – but something happened in my head and I really felt that I could do it. My thoughts travelled to Australia – I was dreaming that I was spending time with my family and everybody was joining for a nice breakfast in this amazing restaurant right down at the beach, where we have had many nice meals all together.  One by one all my cousins arrived, their children and my uncle and aunt. It was such a happy time…. everybody was so excited and pleased to be together and it felt so real  - I just forgot all about sweat and tears and almost meditated my way through.

Somehow I was spinning both in my mind and with my body. A truly awesome feeling…

My advice to you – find out what gets you spinning one way or the other – and go for it…  Investing in yourself is really the best thing you can do.