Everyday magic from Signe Wenneberg

Signe Wenneberg is an urban farmer and foodie from Copenhagen. She is also a dedicated author, speaker and freelance journalist / communication strategist specialized in green consumerism and strategic use of social media. When not working, cooking or gardening Signe travels the world as a humanitarian ambassador/ freelance writer. Signe and Charlotte met when they were appointed as members of the Danish club 100 /2009/Danish Red Cross. And they have kept contact, as they are both members of the same female network: The Danish Albright gruppen – named after former secretary Ms. Albright.

The top pic was taken when AFTENSHOWET – the evening show at danish national television had pizza in the Kings Garden last week. Signe works for the evenings show as an expert on communities and gardening. Look at all the great stuff on the table. All from RICE.

Thank you so much Charlotte for giving me the opportunity to talk about everyday magic. You know very well that I will leave your blog green an edible…

The most important thing in a garden is – and I’m sure you will agree: To eat, to party, to make room to have a garden party (a relaxed one that is), to invite with friends and family, to chill, to grow what you eat – and eat what you grow. This is everyday magic.

Last night I made pizza’s for my next-door-neighbors in the garden (there was a bit of rain, but that was fine, especially as I have just planted new flowers, that I did not have to nurse, as the rain did the job). The pizza’s was delicious, hot and popular – and all of them served with not only tomatoes and herbs from the garden, but also a green mix of salad, edible flowers and kale on the top.

- And the neighbors…? They were watching the Olympics. This is everyday magic to me: To share and care – and bring a warm home cooked green and spicy pizza (from the pizza oven in the garden) to the nice neighbor.

My last book on gardening – EAT YOUR GARDEN – was out April 1. I somehow hit a nerve (I have been ever so busy ever since). My book was about – not only urban farming/ urban gardening – but also about community gardening and our mutual green future – it was about organic options, eco-conscious choices, bio diversity and bio dynamics, holistic and edible sustainability, innovative design – plus a little kitchen garden wisdom – and many, many recipes… And our need to care for each other on a global level.

To me everyday magic is gardening, urban farming and cooking for friends and family – and for the pizza loving neighbors…

As a friend in New York once wrote in a painting – now hanging on the wall in my kitchen: “If we all just do one random act of kindness daily – we just might set the world in the right direction”. 

Salad, kale and edible flowers from the garden.

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