Celebrate life

Celebrate a happy life is something everybody is trying! And to me the people at Rice know exactly how to do it! Let me tell you some of my impressions. Imagine, you fly to Denmark, take the train to Odense and find yourself a little light blue Fiat 500 waiting for you. And this little Fiat takes you to the Rice headquarters: a beautiful old white building with pink floors ( yes even in the distribution center) near the river. Some pink gnomes are welcoming you with a big smile. When you enter the building, you’ll be surrounded by the Rice vibes immediately. The office is very colourful and decorated with bright Rice prints. The desks are glossy light blue and almost on every desk there is a candle burning, which give you a very cosy and homey feeling. Behind the desks are smiling Danish people working :) Wonderful, friendly and open people, who are interested and really enjoy it to work at Rice. They start early, so around 10 they make themselves a nice cup of tea or coffee accompanied with a little sandwich or homemade cookie. When there is an order above a certain amount you will hear a bell ringing loud and clear, followed up by some happy cheers. YEAH! Everybody is working hard so it’s good to celebrate these moments, it shows you the results of your hard work! At lunch time the colourful fridges open up and show you the most delicious Danish products. Yummie smorrebrod, creamcheese, tomatoes, cucumber, egg, shrimps or homemade tasteful left overs. Lunch in Denmark is as if you are in a very good lunchroom. Every day again. Just pamper yourself a little more, it doesn’t cost you more time. Ok, around 3 o’clock you’ll eat some nice fresh fruits or a cupcake, always a surprise and around 4 it’s time to live, together with friends and family. Beautiful dinners are served, fresh and healthy, with lot’s of veggies, fish and colours.  You probably can imagine that I always feel so inspired and happy when I am there!  It’s all about loving life, your loved ones and yourself, the things you do and to try to make the best of it every day: celebrate life it is!