Carpe that fxxking diem

Lazy saturday – our house is full of people who have stayed the night -9 guests all together. We have just been blessed with some very rare and amazingly beautiful summerdays. Sailing, swimming, laughing. Lots of beautiful wine and food.

I am in the middle of book writing, my next big deadline is August 6th – so today I need to focus on the writing and remove myself from the guests and the action for some hours. But I am just sneaking in a little blog post about seizing the moment – CARPE DIEM – or CARPE THAT Fxxking DIEM…..

WIth a house full of old friends and family I chose to say fxxk it for a few days and just hang out and enjoy the sun and the people. I really enjoy writing and the whole process of it – but it is also a bit of a juggle when you have your normal job, a house full of summerguests and lots of other temptations on the side.

The book is about happy homes and living colorfully – so I guess I am just living what I am preaching. These past few days have been full of everyday magic moments. I am not saying that my life is perfect – there are lots of things to worry about if I choose to, big things…. enough to write looooonnggg posts about – but I try to focus on the positive moments – the friends the family the sunny days.

Something rare happens in Denmark when the weather is sunny and warm – people loosen up – become more sociable, invite each other more easily – we love this… It is vey danish to be organized and live in quite a closed mindset of – OH NO – we can’t do that because we need to unpack our suitcases – OH NO we cannot come and be spontaneous because we have to bla bla bla….. – but the sun and the warm weather kicks people a little bit out of that habit of perfection – and it suits us all….

And now – I will zap out for a few hours and focus on writing……… I can hear everyone laughing and playing int he garden…….. Give me strength to seize the moment to write for a few hours and then CARPE DIEM AAAAGGGGGAAIIIINNNNNNN……..