Being in flow – and going with the flow

Being in FLOW – that state of mind where you forget everything – forget yourself and just let it all go. I love these moments and I search for them every day, they are the pure everyday magic moments for me.

Sometimes I get too caught up in problems and difficulties and I forget all about the essential and obvious things.  FLOW – BREATHE – LIVE

Two years ago I went to this amazing retreat in Italy called ’The Hill That Breathes’ - I did a course called f**k it – it involved a lot of breathing and some chi-gong exercise. We talked a lot about this “alpha state” –  and how to reach it.

I can reach it when I focus on my breathing – as in really focus - or sometimes when I loose myself into a movie or a great book. Picking flowers also makes me happy through and through…..

Boxing with my favourite coach makes me fly really really high……compared to other exercise I just forget all about complaining and finding it hard – I just disappear into some happy corner of myself.

Children are masters of this – they really know how to get lost in the moment.

Last but not least – floating in the ocean – surrounded by water – I really stock up on happy endorphins when I swim in the sea.

When are you in FLOW ????