To travel is to live

To travel is to live – those were words of famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

I agree with him – but trips and travel do not always have to go very far. This weekend we went for a drive 25 km away from our home to Faaborg – my daughter Selma and her friend came along – and at first I had only said we were going to have lunch in a nice restaurant….. actually I tricked them a bit and we all went to Faaborg Museum before lunch . Check out – it the cutest little museum with lots of lovely local art. Many of the walls are also painted in daring colors – which of course appeals to me….

I selected a few paintings that spoke to me –
1) One is News Years eve in 1920 – I have a thing about the 20′ies…. that will be another more elaborate post some time soon – but I love the atmosphere in this painting – you can feel the good party vibe, and I feel like just joining in.

2) Love the pink walls on the lovely salon where the piano is playing sweet tunes….

3) Selma and her friend… tricked to visit an art museum – but they enjoyed it…. enjoy the red walls….
A small trip but a sweet memory…..