The dreamteam of neighbours


Do you ever have that feeling ? you meet someone and you just feel that tingle inside – OH MY – I wish we lived next door to each other so we could spend much more time together – share  moments  of everyday magic ? cups of tea – ups and downs…. a simple lasagne – birthdays and just where you really would like to be able to hang out much more often… CHILL together…. you know – the art of doing nothing together – without being bored…….

I have quite a list of imaginary neigbours from all over the world, luckily I get to see some of them regularly and last week was one of the good and special weeks.  I was holidaying in the South of France with my family only for 5 days – but 5 fabulous days – some holidays just work out better than others and this one just worked out perfectly.

Last spring I went on a weeks retreat at a great place in Italy – a place called   The Hill That Breathes – my course was called fxxk it – check out - I went there alone which is quite a step out of my comfortzone – in my suitcase I had a stack of DVD’s to watch at night and a pile of books… I had no idea what to expect ! Little did I know – but I met some fantastic people – each and everyone of them would be welcome in my street.

Since last year we have stayed in touch and met up on several occasions – a very special bond is defintely there – this week I was lucky enough to meet up with two gorgeous sisters from South Africa – they did the course last year – together with their Mother. On the first evening in Italy we ended up at the same table and I just felt like I was part of their family straight away  - I was one of the girls. It took me the rest of the week to realize that age wise I am much closer to being their mother than their sister… but never mind….  I have so much love for this family and I would loooooovvve to have them nearby always.  Last week the girls were in South of France and we managed to hook up for a day and a beautiful evening – such a special time. Next day another friend from Germany came to hang out with us – also one of the people on my neighbour wishlist….  we met in a plane going to the above mentioned retreat in Italy – and felt like sisters from day one.

This kind of special connection does not happen so often, at least not for me …. I wonder what it is that make chemistry between people tick – why are we immediately attracted to some and not others.  I am very sentimental and nostalgic about friendships – I also have a mental list of old friends that I always imagined I would grow old together with. Friends that I am willing to forgive for things that others might choose to run away from.  I saw this quote on pinterst recently – “some people you choose to forgive – simply because you want them in your life”   I really like this quote….

None of us are perfect and where there is love there must also be forgiveness – perhaps just another lesson of everydaymagic….

Wishing a lovely week to all.