The art of doing nothing

I’m happy to announce one of my guest writers. Her name is Joëlle Wehkamp and ever since she was a little child her family loved to call her Sjoesjoe. She is a designer in Amsterdam, specialized in designing products, fashion, prints, concepts and a blogger. Joëlle is on the design team of Rice and a regular contributor to my blog. She will share her everyday magic with us too…Welcome Joëlle!

Today Joëlle  starts with introducing us to the art of doing nothing :)

That sounds lovely right? Charlotte and I love to chill all day long and to just read a book, stare to the clouds to spot a gnome or an elephant, drink a nice pink fresh smoothie or watch a classic movie… And you know… it isn’t difficult. You just have to do it! Give yourself a little more time to just sit down and do what you feel like to do. In the Netherlands we have a special word for it: lanterfanten. ( No, this word has nothing to do with lanterns) It’s all about beinig relaxed and enjoy life. Together with a very good friend I organized a lovely festival around this magical word, somewhere in the fields of Amsterdam: Lanterfanten festival! It was a beautiful day and a big success! Next year there will be a new edition, will you come too?

By Joëlle