People Care – We Care

This blog is from me and my friends – in Rice we have a slogan called people Care we Care – and we really do Care about people. Claus has Worked for us for quite some time now. We have an office in India and Claus loves going there – I often say that I Think he was Indian in a previous life. Anyway – I feel like sharing an Everyday magic Real life story with you – hope it will make you smile !!!





Claus Skov, Supply Chain Manager at RICE

During the last 3 years I have been doing small trips with the street kids project LAKSHYA. My reason for making the trips is that the organization can only afford a simple living in the part of Delhi called Old Faridabad. They do not have the possibility to fund trips to make good experiences for the kids. In the West we have so much and in India there is high degree of poverty. So why not share a bit of what we have with them? “No one can help everyone but everyone can help someone”

My first vision was to invite the group to see Taj Mahal. In my opinion there is nothing as “Indian” as Taj Mahal. It has an amazing history and it is wonderful to visit. It was back in 2010.
Last year we visited the nearest sea side which is 1200 km away from Delhi. The location was Daman and here we had a view over the Arabian Sea. It was amazing for them to see the never-ending water level while standing with their feet in the water. Later that day we visited a water park which was another highlight of the trip.

Back in May this year I made another trip for the group. All together we were 15 kids and 9 adults. This time we went to the hill village called Shimla at the very beginning of the Himalayas. It was a 3-days trip with a lot of small experiences within the main experience of going to the hills. We did

- Drive in the bus the first day for 12 hours with no complaints from the kids – they were just happy end enjoyed themselves by dancing and singing
– Drive with the Toy Train from Shimla to Kalka
– Stayed 2 nights in a hotel which most of them never experienced before. One of the boys spent 3 hours in the bath tub which he never experienced before
– Had a lot of fantastic Indian food – besides biscuits, ice cream etc

Please have a view at the short video from the trip…