Open air cinema – in the backyard

For a while I have had this idea about watching a movie outside – in our own garden…

We have a small guesthouse with a big white wall that just screams for it….. A few days ago the dream  finally came true…. We set it all up, borrowed some loudspeakers….. and bingo.

Everybody complains about the weather this summer but in fact if you just go outside it is often not as bad as it looks… – and very often in the evenings the wind slows down.

We were all wrapped in lots of blankets – and comfortably seated  in couches outside.  A large selection of sweets,  chocolates, tea, wine and even cigars were circulating.  We enjoyed a real everyday magic moment – so much that we have been watching movies 2 nights in a row..  and now hoping for a clear night so we can watch another one.

I have a ting for FEEL GOOD movies – they are really the ones that I prefer – I do not understand the need to watch sad, scary or violent films – so as long as I am watching it will be a long string of feel good….

The first movie was a french one called INTOUCHABLE – such an amazing story about a paralyzed man and his helper – does not sound very happy – but in fact it leaves you with a big smile on your face and a warm happy feeling through and through..  an absolute must see – and the second was an oldie but goodie moovie – called A GOOD YEAR with Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard – one of my all time favourite feelgoood films – I have watched it many times – and am not sick of it yet.

What are your ultimate feel good moovies ?????