An impulsive sparkling jump

Last year, somewhere in rainy November, I started my own design & concept studio, Studio Sjoesjoe. Why? because I wanted more freedom in work, in my daily life and in my creativity. Thousands of possibilities and ideas were waiting for me to begin with and that feeling is great. Every day I’m happy that I dared to make this decision, it really gives me that magical feeling. Having the freedom to be flexible and to give space to impulsivity makes me happy.

And funny enough, one of the first things I actually did was writing an email to the owners of Rice, Philip & Charlotte. With my fingers crossed I clicked on the send button. And somehow it just was meant to be. With that click I opened a colourful, fresh, Danish, bright, inspiring, relaxed new world and most of all a new friendship! One of my first visits was in March. I had a very cosy and heartwarming stay in the Rice mansion. We had lot’s of good talks and there was this sparkle all day long. Especially when C decided to have a dip in the sea ( it was winter… so freezing cold outside!!) But we did it, a few minutes in the sauna with a beautiful sea view… followed up with a very refreshing jump into the sea! You should try it yourself, I’m sure you’ll like it!!

text by Joëlle