Becoming a sportsgirl

At the age of 46 – I have jumped out of the closet and become a SPORTSGIRL.

People around me find it amusing and perhaps a bit strange – but I don’t really care. I LOVE IT….

I can and will not take the honor for this myself. For many years I have circled and circled around the idea of getting fit, loosing weight etc etc… but somehow I have just never managed. There has always been so many good reasons why I couldn’t make it. Too busy at work, too busy at home – oh no next week I am travelling – oh and I am taking the kids to sports – BLA BLA BLA… the list of rotten excuses is long and the creativity has been  endless.

Inspired by a good Facebook friend I decided to find a personal trainer – I knew I couldn’t get things mooving by myself. I live in quite a small town – and I couldn’t really find the right person for me.

When you really set your mind on something – miraculously it often happens   – I believe in carma – in faith,  in meant to be – and one day I was introduced to  Morten – my personal trainer who happens to live just 5 minutes from our house.

I have never had great faith in my own capacity for success in exercise and sports – and I have not been good to my body in the past almost 20 years. We started in November last year – and it has been an amazing journey so far – and it still is.

We started out slowly slowly – building up the pace and working on my core strength – and very quickly I started feeling an amazing change in my energy levels and my mood. I felt this bubbly happiness from deep within – finding it difficult to rest on days where I was supposed to.  When travelling  for work we look in my agenda and I book in sports like it was a business meeting – I have run out of bad excuses, and I LOVE it.

Of all the different exercises I have discovered a love for boxing….  It is my new religion almost… – My trainer was just away on holiday for 3 weeks – and I really missed him  - and my boxing… Still makes me smile when I think that the best thing I have bought for myself in the last 6 months is a pair of red boxing gloves.

I have spend years mastering a special technique where I never really look at myself in the mirror – and when training I still find it hard, I have developed skills in finding clothes that were large enough to hide in…. I even had a period where I wore BLACK – and that was really a low point for me.  In my world – black is so not part of any kind of everyday magic,  to me – black is for funerals and hiding.  If you see me in black you will know something is is not good…

Yesterday was a big breakthrough…. I walked out of the door to go and do some cross fit training and boxing in the forest – wearing a bright blue  sleeveless t-shirt – it may sound ridiculous to some – but to me this was a big big step out of my comfort zone – showing my arms has been unthinkable for me after so many years of covering myself up.  Yeahhhhh……

There are many things I am willing to give up on – but hopefully I will keep having a personal trainer for many many years to come – for Christmas my trainer gave me this amazing present made by his wife’s sister. I am not an easy person to buy presents for – but this one really hit the spot.

It symbolizes my new lifestyle and the process of staying fit – he told me to hang it somewhere that my family and I could always see it and remind us that this is the new me and I need their support to maintain this new status as a Sportsgirl. It is in our kitchen – in the “painting”  you see both me, Morten and my dog Rosa…. she loves it too – especially when we exercise outside or go for powerwalks – I am still not a the stage where I can run  and really do not look like Jane Fonda at all – but I feel a lot happier and able to cope with much more.

You will hear form me again on this subject – perhaps when I manage to run 3 km……….  I think I will throw a champagne  party.

If I can give one advice – if you are a bit like me full of rotten excuses – look for a personal trainer to help you get moving…..  You will not regret it – the only warning should be – watch out – it is highly addictive………